Sunday, 1 November 2009

Don't look at the Eyes!

Here I am again for the inchie month over at SCD with the theme "Hallowe'en".....Yeh!

Did the trick or treaters come your way last night? We don't, as a rule, get many round our house but the bags were at the ready just in case!! In the end not one visitor........looks like we will be munching Haribo's for a while. LOL

Stamped the backgound with DI TD using a Cherry Pie harlequin stamp.........
added a T!m script stamp (barely visable) in Impress chocolate.........
stamped the Inkadinkadoo eye and coloured the eyeball with Adirondack cranberry.......
sponged a bit of DI SM over and hand wrote the word fragments.

"Don't look at the Eyes!"................
for anyone struggling to remember where they have heard the phrase before....................
comes from the film The Devil Rides all time classic Hammer Horror!......starring a very young Patrick Mower the fabulous Charles Grey and the deliciously spooky Christopher Lee who happened to be playing a goodie in this one instead of the Prince of Darkness for a change!

I read in the paper yesterday that he had been given a gong and is now Sir Christopher Lee.....


Happy stamping
xoxo Sioux


  1. Great inchie and wow you got so much detail on there!

    Thanks for joining us again


  2. Reminds me of all those old horror films with mesmerising eyes

  3. very creative! I am loving all these little inchies of yours!

  4. another great inchie hun so much detail in such a tiny space love cheryl xxxx

  5. another fabulous piece of work chickie! awesome!

  6. Another grteat inchie. Looking good.

  7. Very cool inchie & pop-culture reference. Great job!

  8. what a great inchie - so much detail - FAB!

    Thanks for joining us this week at SCD

  9. Great inchie. I always love the words you come up with. Sorry, for not calling sooner. Off to B'burn hospital everyday on visiting duties! Hope you can join us for our new theme tomorrow. Thanks for joining us on Something Completely Different this week. Gez.xx

  10. Great Inchie with lots of detail.xx


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