Saturday, 31 October 2009

Little Witches

On first glance you might be asking yourself what on earth has this got to do with the theme "Little Witches" over at TGIF this week!!! Perhaps I can explain my thought process?

Immediately I thought about putting 3 images of different witches onto an ATC......however I could not find 3 different images I liked (I can be sooooooooo fussy LOL).......
then the words good and bad witch started a different thought process............taking me to the Wizard of Oz..............
so googled the red shoes that Dorothy wore and the sort of shoe the Wicked Witch of the East might have worn......
then I was stuck for a third set of shoes and "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" phrase sneaked in so googled the word ugly and the picture of the crocs popped up so used that!!!
Drew the legs for both the red shoes and the crocks 'cos the pictures were just of the shoes.....thankfully the wicked shoes already had the legs! Inked & stamped the good legs with DI FJ using a T!m script........Inked & stamped the ugly legs with DI SM and Adirondack wild plum using a Cherry Pie harlequin.......added some sparkle to the red shoes and some adirondack acrylic lettuce to the striped stockings. Stamped the background with an Inkadinkadoo web and added a bit of DI FB around the legs for a bit of shading..........
In the end this turned into a Skinnie (2"x4") as it did not sit well on the ATC size.......hey!
My first Skinnie!
Thanks for the inspiration Sandy
Thanks for looking and happy Stamping!
xoxo Sioux


  1. Brilliant choice!

    ps My little witches are a digital download from Lisa's Altered Art.

  2. s amazing. I sooooo like it. What a clever idea! Fab!

  3. OMG what a wonderful idea.
    This is amazing. Abolutely perfect. Love them.

    Thanks Artyjen for your little witches to TGiF.

  4. Great idea, Jen - love it. I'd much rather see those shoes than witches and they do evoke the same feel... very clever :)

  5. lol love it...such a fab idea and really well done!

  6. much detail on a skinnie. Well Done. Love the stripey tights.xx

  7. this is just brilliant hun truly love whatever you come up with its always so interesting and so beutiuflly detailed love cheryl xxxx

  8. Love those Crocs!! What a fantastic and unique idea for the Little Witches theme. I love the idea of the witches legs and shoes. Great artwork (and thankyou for sharing your journey from start to finish).

  9. WOW this is just so stunning! Amazing interpretation of the theme.

  10. LOVE IT!!! what a wonderful idea!! Most times the theme's we struggle with turnes out well worth it, don't they:) !! love your take on the theme and your legs and shoes!! Well done!!!


  11. soooo creative, love your shoes!

  12. Love the shoes! I guess it doesn't matter if you are a witch or not - very clever!

  13. he he he this brought a smile to my face.. love the ugly lol

  14. :D Your card is don´t realy know if gorgeous is the right word......*gg* Just Love your card! It´s such a funny idea and the motives are realy great! Have a nice weekend!

  15. Artisic flare in abundance love this and the thought process that went with it

    Love Dawn xx


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