Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's Hard Work This Crafting Lark!

Well it is hard work crafting 24/7 as you do!
Just thought I'd take a few Z'ds and catch up on some sleep.

My Fitzgerald is soooooo cute I did not have the heart to move him..............
and this is my excuse for not creating as often as I would like.........I just can't get to my crafting space for this gorgeous furry bundle!!
Sssssssssh my sweetie is sleeping!
xoxo Sioux
p.s. Heaven's I am a messy crafter!! ........I've been busy with something that I might just reveal later in the year!
p.p.s. Why he can't sleep on a comfy sofa like most cat's is beyond me! LOL


  1. oh he is so gorogues love him perhaps he is a secret crafter he he hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. awe, what a gorgeous fuzz ball. I thought it was let sleeping dogs lie...hehe. Enjoy those cuddles he looks so precious.xx

  3. Oh how darn cute is your fur baby.. its amazing how many people i know with crafting cats.. i guess its quite a popular hobby in the feline world too :)


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