Tuesday, 10 February 2009

ATC's To Canada

Dropped DH in town during my lunch hour to post the ATC's to Canada so they are on their way Isabelle! Just think of all that distance they will be travelling, makes the mind boggle.

Managed to come up with a design for the backs to write all the details on. It still needs a bit of a tweek as I did not leave much room for the title!
Arty best wishes to all


  1. blushing here, have not sent mine yet. Was not well yesterday... will do my best to send them tomorrow...
    isa xxx

  2. I'm Hi-jacking this comment area in response to your comment on Becca's blog and her item re the chair....wouldn't we love to have one (or 10 ) of those!!! Would that we could shop like they shop in the U.S....not hereabouts anyhow...Best Wishes from a fellow stamper in Northern Ireland


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