Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year Blues

I am feeling fed up and uncreative! The dreaded lurgy meant we missed out on a New Year party, we were in bed by 10.30! I can't remember the last time I was not up and at 'em at midnight on New Years Eve. Not feeling any better today really and not looking forward to trying to get to work on Friday, although perhaps if I don't keel over I can get through for one day!! DH has got it worse, but then his general health does not help, Heaven only knows what he would be like if he did not have the flu jab? (He is back in bed as I type)
On a brighter note, I got to watch the New Years Day concert from Vienna conducted by Daniel Barenboim on ORF (an Austrian TV Channel) in its full two and a half hour splendour this morning. Never like to miss this and it was a treat to see it all and not have to listen to the first half on the radio and switch to watch the last half that is usually shown on BBC 1, although I believe they are going to transmit the full concert later tonight for the first time on BBC 2. Am going to enter the draw for 2010 tickets at Wiener Philharmoniker . I might hit lucky you never know and a long held dream would come true.

Looking on the bright side at least I have not gained weight over Christmas/New Year!!

Well my Festive spirit seems to have departed and it certainly was not an Arty one, hope yours was more creative and fun. Here is to a healthy New Year!!!!!!!

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