Sunday, 23 November 2008

Art Creations Friday

When I saw the image that is the starting point for this new challenge web site one word leapt into my brain, "Beautiful", pretty much says it all! I just had to make something with it so here is my all digital card. Can't wait to see what else happens on Art Creations Friday in the future.
Art Creations Friday Entry
It uses designs by Anne Langpap which were in a free package for Two Peas in a Pod in June 2007. You can still download it here. The only part not by Anne is the distressed antique paper used as a layer behind the image and for the main card layer which was a digital freebie by "Daisy D" on a CD from Scrapbook Magazine a while ago.
To paraphrase good old Brucie on Strictly Come Dancing "Keeeeep Crafting!" and I hope your week is inspirationally arty.
By the way I don't think John should have left the programme. I can understand why he felt he aught to but if the public had voted for him that is all part of the show, isn't it? And now only two people get the chance to dance in the final!!!


  1. gorgeous cart!
    great image !!!
    Thanks for this lovely entry to
    Art creations Friday.

  2. Such a lovely entry. Very creative how you've used the image.

  3. beautiful how you just used part of her face, very mysterious

  4. great card, I love digital :-) beautiful how you used a part of her face.

  5. Absolutely lovely! You're so clever... beautifully put together... and I love the MMM 'Eyes' piece in the post above!


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