Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Arty Girlz Challenge # 55 Clip Art

This weeks challenge at Arty Girlz is to use clip art in your work and amazingly I found nearly all the parts in my project on the Microsoft website. As soon as I saw the ship bow an idea started to form. Please, please tell me it is a Viking ship and not something else!!
The background was left as is with its lovely scrolls in the corners. I extracted the Viking ship from its blue sky background (cutting paper digitally) and made the quotation follow its outline. I digitally cut the compass image with a knife tool to serrate the edges and knocked back the transparency to about 50% to try to replicate vellum and attached it with a couple of staples. The image of the rope was only altered by adding a slight transparency.
I added a bevel & emboss filter effect to some circles for the brads, brushed a pastel effect in blue to grunge the background a bit and added a couple of tattoo type images from my Serif programme to add a salty seafaring touch! Simple I hear you cry, well yes I suppose except that it has taken me two and a half hours to complete. However, during this time, I have been learning as I went. I think it is essential to "Learn something new every day". It is a motto that I like to live to. Have and Arty week and I hope you learn something new today!


  1. WOW Fantastic work!!

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge



  2. Oh my this is beautiful although reading how you did it is like the twilight zone for me!!! LOL
    I so wish I had a clue about digital collage - not an idea do I have!!!!


  3. Oh, this is very, very cool. Love It!

  4. Love your humour too and the explanation! Very cool piece. Call me weird, but... ;-]

  5. stunning piece wish i could work out how to use mu psp programe its double dutch to me LOL maybe one day.

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

    crissi xx

  6. Wow! I've never seen Digital Art before, it's so original, I love it to pieces!
    Love Becky xx

  7. If you want it to be a viking ship then it IS a viking ship.LOL
    Very original piece thanx for sharing it with us.
    chriss x


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