Thursday, 25 May 2017

Embrace serendipity!

If anyone is still popping by to check on me here I salute you!
Frustration abounds when using Blogger on an iPad or iPhone!!
So I haven't been using Blogger and have been using Facebook (which can also be annoying for different reasons) and Instagram in the main.

But they are not quite the same as good old Blogger.

I'm investigating the possibility of starting again.....if Safari allows me!
Please don't say download the Google Chrome app......have you seen the amount of problems that keep cropping up!!!!

Here is a bit of artistic creativity I've managed recently.
But once again good old Blogger is not playing because after adding the photo the page stopped scrolling! Luckily I already knew there was nothing left to edit below this so I'm going to carry on and publish....hang on after 4 minutes it seems to have kicked in and I can scroll again!!!
Heaven help me....oh wait a minute it's not scrolling right to the end!!

Don't know if I can persevere......will try Blogger on main mac computer and see what, if any, difference it makes.

You certainly have to embrace serendipity writing a simple blog post these days! ROFL

Inspired by my huggable Mr B
Follow this link to watch the fabulous Caro Emerald

xoxo Sioux