Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Life Book 2017

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I've signed up for Life Book 2017!
Tamara Laporte very kindly gave us a free video lesson "The Traveller".
I'm only up to watching part 3 so far in the lesson but am happy with what I've achieved so far :)

Here's hoping I don't make a hash of the rest of it!!!

I started the year wondering when I would have the time to make art then life went a little bizarre.....within the space of 3 weeks my husband and I
1. Embraced the prospect of relocating for my husbands job (a lovely mixup of two favourite tv shows location, location, location and escape to the country! LOL).
2. Went on holiday to Majorca for a week where there was every weather possible from sun, sun and cold,windy, snowy, very snowy, rainy and very....VERY rainy.....we stayed in the hotel on the last day it was so bad...added to which I had started with a cold the evening before!

Beautiful day up in the mountains.

The snow starting to fall.....The road to Soller, where we were on the sunny day, was cut off!

Palma on a cold and rainy day but still pretty. ;)

The storm is coming....

3. On returning to work I was told my services were no longer required!!! Just like that.....it shook me up but it was not altogether a surprise as the firm that took over in 2015 have never been known for their empathy! However the following day I was strangely focused, feeling light, not bogged down and....quite frankly happy! :).
Things may not be all rosy on the earning front but we are moving to a house that has room for a studio for me.....so this looks like the year I do get to make art......yeh!

There is always a positive to be had somewhere;)

Thanks for looking and thanks Tam for the lesson :)

xoxo Sioux