Sunday, 5 July 2015

Chalet day five

Day five.
The shingle roofing felt was added.

We are loving this extra room.

Still very much a work in progress...electric & water supply to connect, step to add and outside to have a protective coat.....I'm thinking Bundled Sage! ROFL

...we are going to have such happy times out here.

Thanks for looking.

xoxo Sioux


  1. This is fabulous and so tidy! Hope you enjoy your outside room.

  2. it looks amazing, and bundled sage would be perfect! you're so speedy with the hammer and nails, Sioux!

  3. Oh This is just gorgeous...I painted mine Sea grass...but I think Cuprinol does a sage green lol

  4. Most envious of your lovely Chalet - would love a place like that in our garden - just a spot to chill out in. Hope you have many happy times dining in your new room x

  5. How fabulous. I thought it was going to be your studio. So want John to start my studio in the garden. July 1st should have been start date. Will it ever happen?

  6. This is just so beautiful. Lots more wall space for art!!!! x

  7. Oh My!! This is so romantic! Love what you have done here! Chrisx


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