Tuesday, 16 June 2015

IW12 Verday or not Verday!

The twelfth Inspiration Wednesday. Yikes that's halfway through already!!!

Did not have (nor indeed have any desire to buy) the special Verday paints from 10 Seconds Studio....so set about trying to make a rusted/verdigris copper finish on my own :)

I started by using some sand texture gel coloured with teal acrylic to smudge on the page for some texture.

Then a bit of a wash all over with some orange and black acrylic.

Texture paste through a brick stencil and stipple coloured with burnt umber then claret and stone fresco paints...

....an old white plastic house number
(I saved it over 5 years ago when I replaced it with a much nicer stainless steel one)
given a make over too.
Wording added above reads "Home is where the heart is"

Front of inclusion... it says "Age is but a number written on the wall of life"
Two different thoughts as this page encompasses my "not to look forward to" big birthday later this year and my love of where I live....and no.....EXCUSE ME!!! I'm not 69!
On second thoughts that could allude to something entirely different.......ROFLIA

...back of inclusion.

Various stippled layers later of burnt sienna, juniper paint dabber, more burnt umber and a touch of copper inka gold peeping through just about got me to an effect that I really like. ;)

I think I really like this for the simple reason I had to use my brain and some of the things I've already learnt to experiment and it seems to have worked....well I like it and that's what counts!!!


Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Stunning pages, love the rust effect you created.

  2. Gorgeous, Sioux! you are so inventive with your do it yourself rust effect!

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  4. Just beautiful & love what you have done without verdays, very effective :)

  5. Love the gorgeous colours you created! Chrisx

  6. love the look you've created on these pages.


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