Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spanish Tortilla

Thought I'd share this as there is no crafting on the horizon until later today for the release of the next Inspiration Wednesday ;)

Here at the Ball house we love veggies, so we decided to try out Riverford Farm boxes.
We have had them for three weeks now and have had no trouble in finishing the great contents of a large box before the next delivery is due :)
Here is a Spanish tortilla I made the other day with a lime & olive oil dressed salad.
(all from the box)
An orange mustard from the Austrian leg of our honeymoon finished it off nicely :)

My scrummy honey thought it was scrummy and so did I :)
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. One of our favourites too-yours looks yummy with your orange mustard! Going to check out Riverford Farm boxes! Chrisx

  2. That looks really scrumptious Sioux! I am supposed to be hoovering but your lovely photograph just flashed onto the screen and I just had to have a look! Jennie x


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