Saturday, 7 February 2015

IW #3 Finished Page

Here is my finished page for IW#3 but what a process to get to that stage!! Read on if you want the whole sorry story!!! LOL

The third Inspiration Wednesday went slightly weird for me in the initial stages!
One of the main reasons was, I decided in my wisdom to use some Dylusion spray for the stencil part when I more or less knew it probably would not dry!!! Der!

As I did not have a black I used the after impatient you see....could not wait.

It just did not look right...after leaving it for a while I decided I would cover the spray area with matte medium....ooh.....not a great idea as the colour got even wetter!! Still....when it's dry that should seal it right?

I then bit the bullet and gave the pages another coat of gesso and waited for it to dry again....still the pesky Dylusions came seeping through!!!! URG!
Another coat of gesso then? Yes I gave it yet another coat of certainly helped for texture but that colour just kept on seeping through!!!
I sort of gave up hope then and basically started from scratch again to build the colours as Donna had...just hoping for the best....
....and you know the end I sort of like it! lol

It helped that I found out you can mix acrylic paint with water to make a spray so as I had some black I tried it and it worked for me :)

What did I learn in this lesson then?

1. No amount of gesso will cover up Dylusion ink!
2. As I wrote on the pages "Expect the Unexpected"!
3. Star sequin waste makes a pretty good textural substitute for joint tape.

4 I love the quote I found to combine with the visuals and the tortuous process I went through to finish the page. "You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star".
Now that made me happy :)

5. Using gesso as "ink" on a stamp is far better than any of the white ink pads I own.
6. In the end the Dylusion ink still shows through but it only adds to the colourful backdrop.....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!! ROFL

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux


  1. I love how it turned out... I saw the earlier post and was wondering where you would go with it... I think it looks great! That Dylusions spray is powerful stuff, right?!!

  2. What fabulous pages, Sioux - I'm supposed to be on the IW journey too, but so far I'm still only part way through the first week!!

    All that work to cover the Dylusions has given amazing depth to the layers (I'm so wary of them - I can predict most of my media and what they'll get up to - Dylusions will always cause chaos - sometimes good chaos but often not... and then they won't go away!!), and the drama of the finished pages is amazing.
    Alison xx

  3. I took a different approach when the dylusions didn't work for me on my day 3! I didn't like the stencil I chose either. I grabbed a wet wipe and tried rubbing it off as quickly as I could before it set...this ended up giving my page a yellow tint (yup I used, so I decided to just go with the yellow tint thinking "it's dylusions and will not go away entirely"...however I noticed, as I went along with other things & cleaner wet wipes it did seem to all go away...I don't expect that to happen every time but boy did I get lucky!
    I love how your piece came out...that blue peeking through looks like you planned it! Love the texture you ended up with as well!
    Love that quote too...boy is that a true one! :)

  4. Wow! It may not have gone your way to start with but this is fabulous! Saw stage one on my phone but couldn't comment - those Dylusion inks are "sturdy" aren't they? These pages were meant to be! Chrisx

  5. Hi Sioux, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pages. I had to smile at your sounds so typical of me!!!! XXxx

  6. Lol! It's fabulous Sioux, and the Dylusions just add to the lovely layers in the end.
    Happy Sunday!
    Alison xxx


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