Sunday, 25 January 2015

Inspiration Wednesday 2 finished result

Today I finished my second lesson at Inspiration Wednesday.

This lesson was all about collage...with a bit of gesso thrown in! ;)
One of the elements Donna used was some book paper so I decided to use something out of an old set of encyclopedias I have. Randomly I took one of the books from the shelf and randomly opened it where it fell open on "Portrait"
Spooky in a way as I had already made the stamped tissue paper with a number of face images on it! :)

Close up of some of the bits and bobs I found.....

this page includes a cava bottle cover (well I just had to didn't I?)....and that little bit of film strip that has been hanging around for years has at last found a great home, highlighting the word portrait :)

This page has some random paper bits and a piece of the packaging from my favourite Camembert cheese!

Another spooky thing.....Donna was using a type of wax to seal the pages she made to stop them sticking together.....and as I was "sort of" tidying my cupboard work space the "Easy sealing wax" label was sitting under a pile of I used it instead of the wax! lol

The quote running across the page reads "A portrait, to be a work of art, neither must nor may resemble the must paint its atmosphere"

I like the atmosphere of this page......and I learnt a couple of things along the way.

1. Yellow and grey together make me very happy :)

2. If I live to be 500 I shall never use up all the "treasures" I have accumulated. ROFL ;)

I'm linking to Hels Sunday Stamper as her theme is to use Wings....which I have....and "Wind beneath my wings" is one of my all time favourite songs......EVER.
(the version by Bette Midler preferably) ;)
It's ages since I have joined in and I'm really happy to be able to play along.

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Friday, 23 January 2015

I W #2 1st stage

Having some fun again for the second Inspiration Wednesday.

Did not have any ready printed tissue paper so I stamped some of my own :)

Now I need to search here and there for some intersting stuff to use for collage ;)

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Inspiration Wednesday 1 Finished Result

Thanks to some very fast delivery of acrylic paints and glazing liquid from Artifolk ;) I have managed to finish my first lesson at Inspiration Wednesday.
Won't go into how it's done obviously.

Suffice to say it was based on playing with gesso and in my case texture paste.

Love the colour spectrum from using only two colours!

Love the texture

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

IW #1 first stage

Inspiration Wednesday number 1.
Made a start as I have gesso, texture paste and stencils ;)
Waiting for some other supplies to play some more.
Thanks for looking
Xoxo Sioux

Friday, 2 January 2015

Inspiration Wednesday

Yep! I know it's Friday!
I've signed up for the new Inspiration Wednesday on-line event for 2015.
I used to like watching the video that Donna did.....such a lot of work and inspiration and free too...
...But I'm ashamed to say I never actually made an art page using the inspiration!!! LOL :)

I have just finished my art journal to join in.

Used some T!m fabric backed by canvas for some strength and perfect imperfect stitches to secure ;)

and an assortment of card stock that I would never use.......hopefully it won't matter too much that it's all sorts of colours.....I imagine it's all going to get covered up anyway with gesso and paints etc.!! :)

The cover is secured using an Accoutrement button from T!m.

Hope I can keep up with the inspiration that starts on Wednesday :)
xoxo Sioux