Tuesday, 9 December 2014

For a wedding

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend at a wedding in Salcombe.
The South Sands Hotel where we had our wedding in May :) Big aaah!!

This is the card I made for Asta and Tony on their special day.

A gift card made from the off cut of making a square card from an A4 piece of paper...otherwise known as a scrapling.

The happy couple

and some snippets from the day....

Beautiful canapes and fizz of course ;)

The service held in the restaurant area...

....which transformed to this for the wedding meal....

Cocktails after the ceremony.

....Asta is originally from Lithuania....and in Lithuania weddings cannot happen unless the guests are given vodka with the wedding meal!!!

Afraid it made some of the guests exit for their bedrooms rather early if you get my drift!! LOL
Us? We danced and danced again reliving our big day...
...it was so nice to be there again :)

Asta hired a singing waiter.....honestly he was the best turn Ive seen in some time!
fabulous voice and so good at getting everyone in the mood for some fun :)

A very lovely arty seashell tree made by Yvonne for the entrance.

Gorgeous candlelight all around..

Cutting of the traditional Lithuanian cake...

made by Marta the lady with black hair...

...me thinks she should go on Bake Off have you seen those perfect layers?!
(Yvonne with the blonde hair is the creative tree lady)

It was so warm we were outside on the terrace with no coats....Asta and Tony were so lucky to have such wonderful weather at this time of year.

But then South Sands is a place where magic can happen :)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux