Thursday, 9 October 2014

Up and down another Mountain - Day 6

Well day 6 dawned bright and sunny yet again :)
So we made sure we were on time for the first boat.

We planned to get off at a little place called Furberg and see how far we got on the pilgrimage path...if my ankle played up it would not be too far to get back to catch the boat instead!

Well off we went and after about 30 minutes we realised we had taken the wrong turn near the start and were heading in the direction of Mondsee...totally the wrong direction!!

So back we went to Furberg and decided before we set off on the right path we had better have a loo stop

....and a beer off course! LOL

Off we went again and
what a steep climb it was!
On the way are a number of stations of the cross and shrines (that ought to give you a clue!)...pilgrims were renowned for making it tricky for themselves!!!
Unfortunately, not having done much walking in the past few months, it proved to be a very, very hot, sweaty walk!!!

This was taken at the very start and....

this was taken right at the very end after the long walk back down the other side....
'cos quite frankly it took all my powers of concentration to actually get myself to the top!!! LOL
We just carried on because having reached St Wolfgang's church in the rocks at the top it was preferable to returning to Furberg what with my ankle and it being downhill!!!

By now we had missed the boat we thought we would be able to catch to get back to St Wolfgang.....nothing for it but to carry on!!!
Still with beautiful houses, gardens and scenery on the way it was not too bad... least it was a flat walk by now ;) that's a Stephen sized wood pile!!

...we were both glad to reach the little cafe at the train station/lake steamer landing,
found some shade and had a welcome cool beer and late lunch.

Phew we were boiling!!!

 A couple of places on the walk back...

So glad when we reached the hotel...

 Sooooooooo glad to get down to the outdoor pool area to cool down :)

That evening we were happy to drink this bottle of wine...
"Bee eater"

Day 7 to follow....xoxo Sioux


  1. Another glorious day's adventures, Sioux! Sound like a hard day's walking too, but very beautiful. Glad your ankle was well enough to cope, it would have been a shame to miss it. xx

  2. Looks like another wonderful day.

  3. What a lovely walk-so glad your ankle held out! I am really loving these photos-you have certainly been to a picturesque area! Chrisx

  4. Really enjoying your holiday diary, Sioux and the photos are stunning. Wish I was there!!!!
    Hugs Lisax


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