Friday, 10 October 2014

St. Wolfgang - Day 7

Depending on your point of view - we were lucky to get a fair portion of the last day in St. Wolfgang before we were due to be picked up in the late afternoon as our flight did not go till 18:40 that night.
Plenty of time to browse the shops

Mr B....and I, really like the Austrian style of clothing ;)
We found just the right jacket for Mr B.

Then it was time to check out of our room and have some lunch at the same place we went earlier in the week ;)...with the lion mountain still being fabulous (it's called the "Sparbar" )

There was a vintage tractor event that afternoon in the main street...
...families brought along their prize exhibits...


...and dressed in their best Austrian style.

We had one last treat in the konditorei ;)

then Mr B treated me to this from the hotel Swarovski shop...

...then we waited to be picked up...
...the travel firm failed to realise the tractor event would close off the main street!!! HOW!
Anyway we had to take our cases to a mini bus that could only get so far and we walked out to the edge of town where the coach was problem really :)
 So it was goodbye to St. Wolfgang...

...and goodbye to the romantic White Horse Hotel

xoxo Sioux

Enjoy this clip
The White Horse Inn operetta includes some very hummable tunes
...sadly we did not get to see a performance whilst we were there as they had stopped for the season!!!

P.S. Our flight got delayed....urgh!
We were very pleased that we had made the decision not to drive back that night and had booked an hotel room in Birmingham :)


  1. Looks like you had a really wonderful time.

  2. What a lovely last day you had! What an interesting thing to see - seriously, I have a 'thing' about vintage tractors - first vehicle I ever drove! Chrisx


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