Friday, 3 October 2014

Im Weissen Rossl - tra la la

I have wanted to visit the White Horse Inn in St.Wolfgang since my early teens!

For the second part of our honeymoon we not only visited but stayed! :)

We arrived quite late on the first day....only just time for a quick change of clothes (very little unpacking) otherwise we would have missed the evening meal!
Whilst we were changing there was a knock on the door and we were given a White Horse as a gift for our sweet :)

The meal was in a different restaurant due to a wedding going on and was buffet style...very tasty......the dessert buffet was worth the long days journey we had had!

Unfortunately this was the last time cakes and chocolate such as these appeared on the menu all week!
From an hotel renowned for it's chocolate and patisserie it was a tad disappointing. :{

The following day was a Sunday and we awoke to thick clouds covering the mountains opposite....not a lot to see. we hurried down for a champagne breakfast with piano romantic......breakfast was really nice with lovely breads, cheeses, meats and lots of choices buffet would never go hungry at breakfast.....I forgot to take pictures of that bit!!

Back to the room and the clouds were beginning to clear and the view from our room was one ever told me there was a mountain shaped like a lion. Very taken with this ;)

Weather wise the day was quite dull, a little on the chilly side and rain was in the air....but we braved it and walked just round the corner to have a beer as you do!

Whoops here comes the rain....

.....seeing as we were being kept dry under the terrace canopy we thought we may as well stay put and have Sunday lunch.....and wow! It was delicious ;)
I had venison and Mr B had fish.

The wine was great too ;)

....looking back this was one of the nicest meals we had....and we had the place all to romantic!

We had a wander around afterwards....braving the rain....then returned to chill out in the room before I managed to fit dinner in with the large lunch we had I don't know but the wine was excellent.....

....and I made sure I left room for dessert.....scrummy :)


  1. Your holidays all appear to be food and drink.... happy times!!

  2. Oh Wow! Thanks for showing these now! That mountain looks fab -so doesn't your food! We are going across Austria by train-stopping off along the less than 2 weeks now!! More please to get me in the mood!! Hugs, Chrisx

  3. So does your food!!! Predictive text.......!! X

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time on the second part of your honeymoon.


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