Friday, 6 June 2014

Our Wedding Day

Well....where to begin?

(Apologies right now for the photo heavy and very long post) ;)
I know you will forgive me! ROFL

The day started with breakfast at the South Sands Hotel out on the terrace....'cos the weather was FAB-U-LOUS...........we were soooooo lucky for the whole weekend :)
...With Mr B's mum and aunt...

My boss (who was walking me down the isle, alongside my oldest friend Jacquie) ordered pink fizz and made sure I had a glass too ;)...he knows me so well lol!
Everyone was so glad to see the sun.

Time for me and Jacquie to put the final touches to the flower jugs...

...attaching the corsage to her bag...

...the ring box was carried by her down the isle and handed over to the best man...
...might sound odd but if you knew what I do you would have wanted it in safe hands too...
Bless.....a great guy but very good at misplacing stuff ROFL

...and then the tables had been set up so time to get the bookmark place markers, table booklets etc set up too.

I was so grateful to her for these pictures as taking photo's at this point had totally passed me by!!!
...I admit I felt a bit naked without my camera during the day! LOL

The guests who had sea legs went to the church by ferry....this entails taking the beach tractor out to the tide line where a clever system allows the ferry to safely attach to the tractor to allow passengers to transfer to the boat......I watched them go from my balcony still undressed and wearing my bath robe...I waved and they waved back ;)

The boys went early to the church by ferry 'cos.....well they had all been up really early wondering/swimming on the beach....getting ready...

...etc and they needed lunch!

Mr B took the helm at one stage! Man of many talents is Mr B ;)

They stopped at a Salcombe institute called Captain Morgans for pastie and chips!!!

The men in black outside the church...I do love me a man in black! ROFL

A few final adjustments and photo's back at the hotel....then Jacquie and I were taken by the hotel land rover to the church......this entailed climbing a set of steps to actually get in and out of the thing!!! Not a pretty site!! ROFL

The photographer managed to capture a shot inside the church before I arrived with many of the guests on it :)

Two of my besties did the secular reading...

...the rings in the box being blessed...

...the vows...

....the gospel choir were simply amazing singing "Lean on Me" and "Oh Happy Day"...

...whilst we signed the register ;)...

...and after the ceremony we all congregated outside the church where canapes and fizz were served.....this was a gorgeous unexpected pleasure to linger outside, talk, laugh, take photo's and enjoy the beautiful day we had been blessed with :)

Two of my other besties were designated confetti girls ;)...

...(Oh yes I had made the cones out of hand made flower petal paper and filled them with burgundy coloured rose petals too) ;)
My other bestie Sue (in the orange and black) had a free day 'cos I had picked her brains/pestered her to death in the choosing of THE dress ;) Her advice was invaluable...thanks a million....she deserved a rest........ROFL

All too soon it was time for the reception guests to make their way back to the hotel....some in their cars and others taking the ferry back....that included Stephen and I ;)

But first a walk down the steep hill to town and the landing stage.....not easy in high heels....and if you know me I rarely wear it was off with the heels and I walked in my stocking feet instead! lol
A stop for drinks and more laughter whilst waiting for the ferry return.

And.....oh...oh....oh the ferry return... felt just like a scene from "Mama Mia! (I even stood up and sang it)...
...just so romantic I can't tell you.

...Arriving back at the hotel....can you see Mr B still holding my shoes? ;) (sigh!)

Drinks on the terrace... cousin Janet and I...

...The witnesses....Mr B's son James with his partner Sarah and my old friends Dave and Chris...

...followed by the meal...

..cutting the cake (black forest gateaux)...

...there is a tale involved!
...unbeknown to me....(my darling SH.....that's sexy husband btw ;) kept the details of the absence of a wedding cake from me till after the day)....yes folks up until late Friday/early Saturday there was a very real prospect of no wedding cake... that would have freaked me out!!!
We had been let down by the lady who had promised to make it.....the chef was livid and probably beside himself but the staff rallied round and sourced someone in town to make this at the last minute!!!! Hero's..... was not exactly what I had visioned but hey!....some fantastic lady made it in time!!! ROFL

The tables were cleared and then we danced till midnight.....yes we both danced, danced, danced....with barely a break for refreshments! Unfortunately....I don't have a single picture to prove this! Still hoping someone took some 'cos I changed into a little red number ;)....but a number of the guests are away on their holidays so I am waiting for their return...
...if I get one I'll post it ;)

And so to bed............and there are definitely NO pictures of that! ROFLIA ;)

Thanks for sharing the day
xoxo Sioux

A.K.A. Mrs B ;)


  1. Oh Sioux, forgive you for the long post? - of course!!! (my scroll down finger only aches a little bit! lol!)
    Fabulous photos, thanks for sharing. Once again, many, many congratulations!! Chrisx

  2. What a fabulous and exciting day for you both and thank you for sharing it all! I had a lump in my throat my the time I got to the third photo ………. nearly in tears by the end ……

    Congratulations again x

  3. Simply beautiful. Thanks for letting us share in the joy of your special day with these lovely pictures.

  4. Is it ok that I have yet another tear in my eye???? So happy for you and Mr B. A fabulous post - I loved every minute and have so enjoyed sharing your journey to happiness. Big hugs, Jo x

  5. I am so thrilled to have read this post, and seen all the lovely photos - you looked stunning, and those men in black do too!! Thank you for sharing this special day with us.

  6. Congratulations once again. Looks like it was a wonderful day, so happy for you.

  7. What a lovely post, Sioux and you are definitely forgiven for all the photos, of course we want to see everything. You all look so beautiful and what a gorgeous sunny day you had. Every detail was beautiful and you both look blissfully happy. Many congratulations to you both. I'm delighted for you both.
    Hugs Lisax

  8. I'm bubbing for England here. How utterly FANTASTIC

  9. Blubbing here too! Lol! It all looks perfect, & you look so happy! Congrats to you both!
    Alison xxx


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