Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 7

Our last hooo!

Breakfast on the terrace...hurrah!

A day to wander around the market...

Dried mushrooms and sun dried toms ;)

Wonderful veg :)

Fresh pasta sold by weight.

Just had to stop at the coffee bar....cheapest coffee of the holiday :)

We bought a variety of pasta to bring home...

Olive oil, wine, grappa, vin santo and chocolate ;)

It seemed rude to leave Florence without visiting the Dante museum...

Or the little medieval church where Beatrice is buried.


...time for lunch at Il Ristoro...just up the street from our hotel ;)

Wild boar pasta...


Cheese selection with honey and pear chutneys...

We lingered by the Arno...

Had another gelato...well you have to don't you?! LOL

One more beer...

We decided to revisit the upmarket Golden View again for our last evening meal
we did not book but as it was Tuesday it was not so busy and we managed to snag a table by the window....result!

The view.....sigh!

Mr B's Seafood soup starter....delicious

My hake....delicious

Mr B's Tuna....generous portion but a little too rare even for him ;(

Tiramisu for Mr B...scrummy

Crème brûlée for me...scrummy

Grappa to end the meal and Mr B checking his watch...what for?

To check if there would be time to fit in one last gelato of course!!! ROFL

These whoppers cost a small fortune!
It was quite late by now...about 11 and the lady suggested we sit down at a table to enjoy them...we were the only ones there eating gelato at that time of night....not surprising really!
She was so impressed we finished the lot she gave us two complimentary vin santo's!!!

Thanks for sharing the wonder of Florence with us...we had a great time...
...hope you did too :)

xoxo Sioux


  1. I can't believe you ate all that and gelato too!! I have really enjoyed touring Florence through your honeymoon eyes!! Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Ah Yes! One last gelato!!! Had to be done - but wow! well done for getting through those after your meal!! I've really loved seeing Florence through your lens! Will you go back one day? I hope we will! Chrisx

  3. All sooooooooooooo lovely! Jo x

  4. What wonderful pictures and ice creams .. Thank you for sharing xx


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