Friday, 13 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 3

Day 3 dawned and this was the day we had decided to visit the Uffizi....mainly because rain was forecast :)
So an early breakfast to allow us to linger and still get to the Uffizi before the cue got too big!

It was not that bad actually and I don't think we had to wait more than 30 minutes....some days in the height of summer you are talking hours!!!

Unfortunately pictures are not allowed inside....what a we bought a little guide book that seems to have a picture of most of the items in.

Now....a little while back Chris from pearshapedcrafting went to Florence and she blogged about going in the Uffizi restaurant......I was soooooo eager to do that ;)a
P.S. No need to book....although I suspect in the height of the season you will be waiting in a long cue for a table!

Wow! It did not civilised...great view...

...fabulous mid morning cakes and coffee...

...and to share it with the Mafioso of the sparrow world!

What else could you wish for? LOL

Back to browsing more art works and then it was time to saunter over to the Duomo for a look is a startling size and the exterior is so ornate but the inside is quite plain really...
...well apart from the magnificent dome of course.

Then is was time for a spot of lunch :)

Followed by more gelato...

...and more wanderings...

...followed by another of those siesta's...Mr B was enjoying watching the Giro d'Italia and trying not to snooze! ;)

Time to go out for evening meal! We had seen a lovely looking place just a couple of minutes away it's called the Golden View Open Bar...very stylish with views onto the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio....we did not have a reservation but as we were quite early they slotted us in...but we had to vacate the table by 8....although we did not have a window table it was so worth it ;)

The food was that good I forgot to take photo's until we had eaten half of it!

Tuna scrummy.....

Vegetables scrummy too.....

Unfortunately we ran out of time to have a pudding...not that they were chucking us out but we felt the need for another walk

Followed by drinks on the hotel roof top terrace...

Then time for bed...cos we had great things planned for day 4 ;)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Oh Sioux! So glad you are photographing your food! I just kept forgetting - usually couldn't wait to tuck in!
    So glad you showed pics of the Uffizi - geraniums look gorgeous (as do your cakes) I had forgotten about the sparrows! Love the view from your window, we must have been on the other side of that view! Look forward to day 4! Chrisx

  2. I think I'd love Florence - am certainly loving your photos! Looking forward to your "big" day 4... lol

  3. How fabulous to have a blog post with the phrase 'saunter over to the Duomo' in it! Jo x

  4. Many congratulations and glad that everything went so beautifully with the wedding. Really enjoying reading about your honeymoon, the views, the architecture, the all looks wonderful. xxx


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