Thursday, 12 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 2

Day 2 started early.....I can't say bright.....just look at my eyes in this photo at breakfast on the hotel rooftop terrace!!! ROFL

We wanted to take the two city tour bus routes and decided to go up into the hills to Fiesole on the first bus at 10.

Wonderful views and villa's on the way with the sweet smell of jasmine filling the air...

...and an atmospheric village to explore. ;)

We walked hand in hand around the old ruins and the museum...(of course Mr B later wrote a poem about it.....sigh!)

...gecko's on the hot sunny terraces...

...stopped for a coffee (a cappuccino for me and espresso for Mr B)...

...took some more letter box and peeling wall ;)

...had to buy some cheese and cherries for a quick snack to keep us going till we got back to Florence for lunch ;)...what do you know.....the cheese was just on a marble slab in a veg refrigeration....strangely no one dies either!!!!!!! ROFLIA

...Mr B loved the idea of a Chianti Bank! ROFL...

...back in Florence, at the train station, we got off and went to a trattoria just around the corner for pizza :) scrummy.

Time to take the next city tour seeing some lovely things...

...although you won't go past the Duomo as the streets are pedestrianised around that area...
...(Dan Brown has that wrong in Inferno.....I'm just reading it btw)...
Even though we had been sat on the bus most of the day...we were very hot and tired so we had to take a siesta before venturing out for our evening meal....luckily the Florentines like eating late so it isn't a problem ;)

We eventually chose a place on the Piazza della Signoria with views to the Palazzo Vecchia

...although it looks nice enough we were a bit disappointed... we cheered ourselves up with a gelato on the way back ;)
Although we had asked for no presents on the wedding day some of our guests insisted on giving us some euro's for a "Gelato Fund"....I fear they know us a little too well! ROFLIA

Thanks for looking.
Want to know what we did on day 3?

xoxo Sioux


  1. I am really enjoying these early morning strolls round Florence with you before I go to work, lol!! Stunning scenery and architecture. Keep them coming!
    Helen xx

  2. So much joy in one post :D XXX

  3. Looks like such a beautiful place.

  4. Ooooh! More views that make me want to go back there! Oh! and the gelato of course!! Chrisxx

  5. I so want to go to Florence! We went to Rome for our honeymoon and it was wonderful. Italy is so romantic *SIGH*, Jo x


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