Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Honeymoon in Florence - Day 1

We spent a week in the glorious city of Florence for our honeymoon.

Our hotel was at the end of the Ponte Vechia
(The Pitti Palace Hotel.....if you ever go it's a convenient position)
our room overlooked a section of the Vasari corridor (sigh) and had a view to the Arno.

We had taken the coach from the airport to Florence, at only 6 euro it's a bargain way to get there, then a taxi from the rail station drop off to the hotel.
It was very hot....we were so lucky that our room was ready as we were far too early really so after quickly unpacking..we could not wait to have a long leisurely lunch Florentine style.

Luckily in the close by piazza Santa Felicita we found a lovely little pizzaria with a vacant outside table :)

After that we took a little walk around the immediate area...

...and succumbed to a late afternoon nap to catch up after a very early morning start!!! ROFL

A bit of a wash and brush up and off out for a spot of window shopping and admiring the architecture on the way to finding a place to eat....although I am not good at sleeping in the afternoon it takes forever for me to come round LOL.

We found ourselves in the Piazza della Repubblica and I remembered from my visit here with the girls that one place in the corner was very happy for you to just have a drink.....they provide nibbles too ;)...and we stayed to eat in the end at Caffè Donnini

We had the best appetiser of the whole week....smoked tuna, blood oranges, olives and very thinly sliced fennel.....orgasmic :)

This was just the start of what turned into an eating tour of Florence during our stay.
Interspersed with museums, art and gardens :)

After a long day it was time for bed...
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. well I can tell I am going to enjoy your honeymoon, lol!! gorgeous photos and only on day one!!

  2. What a wonderful place to go for your honeymoon. :)

  3. HONEYMOON!!!!????? How did I miss your Wedding...and courtship!!!???? *I is a bad blog buddy* Huge Congratulations. Wishing you much happiness <3 :D XXX

  4. Aaah! I'm going to love this! Your first day has already made me want to go back! Fab photos. Chrisx


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