Monday, 24 March 2014

Magical Feeling

A wonderful weekend. Visit to the florists in Totnes went well on Saturday. Looks like it will be alliums going in those enamal jugs ;)
We had a lovely breakfast in one of the many cafes there. It's hard to choose which one to go to! ;)

I've also been looking for ages for a necklace with a pearl in it to go with my earrings for my wedding...paste would have been fine if I could have found the right one. I like pearls set in yellow gold but so many pieces are set in white gold/silver settings! honey and I were browsing in the jewellery shop windows on the way back to the car. lucky am I?...a man who browses jewellery shop windows with me!

I hadn't seen anything....but my honey said what about that one? What one? I said.
Well it was so exactly what I was thinking of....and my honey had picked it out...I am now the very proud owner of this.

Thank you so so much Mr B :)
Yesterday (Sunday) we visited Coleton Fishacre...a National Trust place close by here.

Mr B had never been before...I've been a few times it's a lovely garden. As you walk down the valley garden you can go through a gate leading to the coast path and a viewing point.

A very Daphne Du Maurier moment don't you think.
Such a romantic magical weekend.
Thanks for looking 
xoxo Sioux


  1. Gorgeous necklace... that sweet man has good taste! Jo x

  2. Love the necklace... Alliums will be perfect for your flowers!

  3. Beautiful necklace. Sounds like life is good, enjoy. :)


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