Thursday, 20 March 2014

It will be alright on the night! Won't it?

Not having much luck with posts at the minute!
Sorry folks!
How about this image?

Gorgeous enamel jugs (8 of them) arrived yesterday
all I need now is some sort of idea of the flowers to put in them as table decorations for the wedding!
Yikes only 8 weeks this Saturday to go....can't help thinking I should be more stressed about it, but in reality I am very chilled I worry that I shall run out of time to do stuff without realising it!!! ROFLIA

I have to admit I bought these after seeing a picture on Pinterest
(you can't half waste a lot of time on there! LOL)
It was simply full of common Cow Parsley that grows in the hedgerows... looked really pretty...
...but somehow or other I can't see myself gathering cow parsley the day before my wedding...
...what if there is none growing.....PANIC!!
So off to the florists on Saturday to try and attempt to finalise in my mind exactly what it is that I want in my bouquet.....the buttonholes...the corsages...
....and whatever for the enamel jugs!!!
(I really want some colour....see.....I just can't get it sorted in my brain!)
xoxo Sioux

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  1. I love the jug, and they will look fabulous, especially if you can find some really floaty stuff (like cow parsley, lol!) Gypsophila would work well. Good luck finding just what you want - when you know what that is!!


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