Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers Day Wishes

Happy Mothers Day to everyone who is one!
Sadly I've never been blessed as they say....not unless you count the cats I've had....not that I've physically had them you that would be weird! ROFLIA

Sadly my mother passed away some years ago....but hurrah!
I've now acquired a soon to be Mother-in-Law ;)

So I made this card for my honey to give to her :)
Papertrey flowers coloured with Distress markers, Papertrey die cut leaves, sentiment and background border stamp.
T!ms scroll stamp finishes the edges using Distress mustard seed and peeled paint.

Thanks for looking
Hope your day is just fabulous!
xoxo Sioux

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WOYWW - Bookmark

Hello again  WOYWW'ers.

Yikes....what haven't I got on my table?!
That is the the moment I'm on to the task of making bookmarks to be used as place settings at the reception. There are a couple showing at the bottom of the photo....and a Mothers Day card...not on show...well actually the yellow Papertrey flowers are going on it!

I have also finished and posted the wedding invites....
Want to see? Even though it's a rubbish photo!! LOL

These were the first batch for guests to the whole weekend at the hotel....
....the background is a map showing the river Dart/Dartmouth and Kingswear...
...'cos the first time we met I sailed across the Dart from the Kingswear side to see my soon to be honey on the other side at was such a romantic first meeting...little did we know that love was waiting to envelope us in it's cosy glow! Sigh! :)
The insert looks like this and incorporates an image of the bench at Broadsands where my honey proposed..........along with his fabulous poem :)

The rest of the invites...and there were quite a lot...well......
.......something had to give.....I just could not face messing around with all the twiddly bits on that fussy die cut.
So I printed out the background as per the first batch but also added the printed word "Invitation" and a  fancy border to the top too...some drop shadows sorted it ;)

The die cut T!m silhouettes were added just the same for some added the subject of those "framelet" things!
Am I the only one?
But....but...they are not that easy to line up and stay in position to make a uniform cut... fact the silhouettes were not even stamped...I just die cut them from black card in the end...they looked so much better!!!
Quicker too....and what do you know the male silhouette looks remarkably like my sunny honey! :)
Unfortunately the lady silhouette shows no resemblance to me!!! ROFL

Thanks for looking and now it's time to head on over and visit Julia who has all the desks in the world on show today :)
xoxo Sioux

Monday, 24 March 2014

Magical Feeling

A wonderful weekend. Visit to the florists in Totnes went well on Saturday. Looks like it will be alliums going in those enamal jugs ;)
We had a lovely breakfast in one of the many cafes there. It's hard to choose which one to go to! ;)

I've also been looking for ages for a necklace with a pearl in it to go with my earrings for my wedding...paste would have been fine if I could have found the right one. I like pearls set in yellow gold but so many pieces are set in white gold/silver settings! honey and I were browsing in the jewellery shop windows on the way back to the car. lucky am I?...a man who browses jewellery shop windows with me!

I hadn't seen anything....but my honey said what about that one? What one? I said.
Well it was so exactly what I was thinking of....and my honey had picked it out...I am now the very proud owner of this.

Thank you so so much Mr B :)
Yesterday (Sunday) we visited Coleton Fishacre...a National Trust place close by here.

Mr B had never been before...I've been a few times it's a lovely garden. As you walk down the valley garden you can go through a gate leading to the coast path and a viewing point.

A very Daphne Du Maurier moment don't you think.
Such a romantic magical weekend.
Thanks for looking 
xoxo Sioux

Thursday, 20 March 2014

It will be alright on the night! Won't it?

Not having much luck with posts at the minute!
Sorry folks!
How about this image?

Gorgeous enamel jugs (8 of them) arrived yesterday
all I need now is some sort of idea of the flowers to put in them as table decorations for the wedding!
Yikes only 8 weeks this Saturday to go....can't help thinking I should be more stressed about it, but in reality I am very chilled I worry that I shall run out of time to do stuff without realising it!!! ROFLIA

I have to admit I bought these after seeing a picture on Pinterest
(you can't half waste a lot of time on there! LOL)
It was simply full of common Cow Parsley that grows in the hedgerows... looked really pretty...
...but somehow or other I can't see myself gathering cow parsley the day before my wedding...
...what if there is none growing.....PANIC!!
So off to the florists on Saturday to try and attempt to finalise in my mind exactly what it is that I want in my bouquet.....the buttonholes...the corsages...
....and whatever for the enamel jugs!!!
(I really want some colour....see.....I just can't get it sorted in my brain!)
xoxo Sioux