Friday, 27 September 2013

Romantic Austria! Part 1

SF and I have just returned from our first holiday together in Austria ;)

We had to go all the way to Birmingham for the flight which meant an early start to make sure we got there O.K. You know what it's allow more time than strictly necessary in case there are traffic problems!!! LOL
We had an early snack lunch at the airport as it would be a long time till evening.
Although the service was good...we just sat at a table and a waitress served us...and when the food arrived it was presented nicely...

...but I'm afraid my veggie burger tasted disgusting!!! It was like eating dry stodge and I left most of the bun too!!
SF's brie melt on the other hand was a lot better although the brie wasn't very melty LOL...and the wine nearly cost as much for one glass as for a full bottle!!!
Hey least we can both laugh about this sort of thing and not get stressy about it ;)

After landing in Salzburg we went by coach to Zell am See in Salzburgerland.

SF last went to Austria as a young boy and this was his first time back....and the first time on an aeroplane abroad in an awfully long time.
The Tirolerhof Hotel was our destination and we can thoroughly recommend it.

We were welcomed with glasses of bubbly (sigh....they had me right then LOL) whilst our bags were taken to our rooms.

The room was beautiful...

...with a little balcony and a view to the lake, oh and the rubbish skip! ROFL.
They have to have skips even there ;)...

...and every night at turn down, they placed wafer biscuits on the pillows ;)...

...the spa area and pool were fantastic (except I somehow missed taking pictures of it so I took a picture of the brochure and I'm afraid it does not do it justice!)...

...we had some fabulous evening meals...

...and great breakfasts from the buffet, you could not go hungry that's for sure!

We sampled the local plum brandy ;) Mmm lurverly!...

...and had some very tasty Austrian wines... cakes every afternoon...

...Yes, if you want a good place to relax and unwind then you can't go wrong with the Tirolerhof.
It's a lovely romantic place to be ;)

xoxo Sioux
More Austrian travels to follow ;)


  1. What a beautiful hotel - I looked and looked for the skip but it must be too early in the morning, as I couldn't spot it! The meals there more than made up for the airport!! Looking forward to Romantic Austria part 2... lol!!

  2. I've been waiting for these posts, Sioux. You went posh then!!!!! I know where the Tirolerhof is and it looked gorgeous from the outside. Wow, the food, you are making me homesick for Austria again.
    Can't wait for pt 2.
    Glad you had a great time.
    Hugs Lisax

  3. I bet that even if the hotel had been less tasty you 2 would have had a wonderful time. The excitement and happiness is coming through in bounds in your posts and I too am eagerly awaiting each one.


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