Thursday, 12 September 2013

Catch Up Part 1

Hiya Folks!
Long time no speak!!!!!! LOL
Time just flies by when you are really happy :)
It flies even faster when you are busy, busy too ;) ROFL
SF and I continue to enjoy each other and the lovely weather we have had this Summer :)

We relaxed as much as possible in the garden...

We went to look at churches...

...and decided on the church in Salcombe for our big day next May :)..see below fabulous Auntie Bella who was 101 died a few weeks back and we made the trip to Lancashire and back in a day by plane to attend the funeral celebration...
...Yes...celebration for an amazing lady and her long life...lived well till the last few weeks... was a very long and tiring day but so worth the trip...I only hope, as I have said before here, that I have gained some of here genes... was lovely that SF wanted to share that with me :)

We went to Exeter one Saturday and had breakfast in Carluccio's...
...57 and only had breakfast out once before (and that wasn't with Pip but with my best friends husband who treated me!)...I've led a sheltered life ROFL! It was such a nice thing to do together...

...browsed in John Lewis and saw a brilliant corner sofa that would be ideal for us both to suggle up together on :)...

...(yes SF is not against having a browse in the shops)... that's a very different kettle of fish to me....but I'm getting used to it ;) ROFL!
...then we met up with his son and his girlfriend later and shared a meal in Ask (an Italian restaurant) near the Cathedral that ended with sharing a sharing platter of desserts ;)...

...well you have to have a treat once a week don't you? !!!

I'll be back shortly with the next installment.
Love and hugs to you all....sorry for being absent!!!

Sioux xoxo


  1. Lovely to see these photos,the church looks amazing! next May will be here before you know it - what an exciting adventure you are on. Just going to have my own slice of cheesecake now (sadly shop bought and not at all as appetising as your desserts..)

  2. Sorry for your loss. The church looks lovely and I am sure your special day will be wonderful. Sounds like you are very happy,that great.

  3. Sorry for the loss of your aunt.
    The church is breath-takingly beautiful... i'm sure it'll make your big day even more magical.
    I am so pleased that you are truly happy once again.

  4. What wonderful adventures I can see your smiles from here
    There isn't much time left until May so your adventures will take you nicely through the winter
    Keep having fun

  5. Good to hear how happy you both are together!
    Love to you both Lx

  6. So sorry to hear about your Aunt, Sioux. I am sure she will be smiling down & wishing you both well. Loving hearing all your news. You are one busy lady, take care hun xxx


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