Saturday, 13 July 2013


Today in Brixham is the happenin! It's a party in the park where I live with live bands all day and into the night. SF and I enjoyed a walk to breakwater beach and swam together. So simple but so special for both of us as neither of our departed partners liked it!!! Yet another spooky thing we have in common ;)
Anyways we sauntered home and enjoyed a bit of an al fresco snack listening to the music.
Tonight it's up the park with a couple of bottles of wine and a picnic and meet up with friends.
Hope this glorious weather brings good things your way. Enjoy!!
xoxo Sioux


  1. Not been for a while but it sounds like you have found a new friend to share special time with. Hope this goes well I will have to nosey back and see how this new friendship blossomed. Lovely day by the sounds of it Sue and the fool looks delish as well. I hope you had an amazing evening Dxx


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