Tuesday, 7 May 2013

You just never know when a good man will turn up!

Just when I was beginning to think this on-line dating thing was not going to work...
...lo and behold I get knocked for six and have to eat my words ;)

Yikes! I met a genuine, good man on Saturday for the first time.
We met up in Dartmouth...I caught the bus and the passenger ferry across the river...it was a glorious afternoon and I'll admit it felt quite romantic doing this and seeing him waiting at the other side...........heaven help the hopeless romantic in me.

But perhaps he is a hopeless romantic too as one of my all time favourite movies is The African Queen (he confesses it's one of his too, along with Casablanca, which I also love ;))

We have so many similar things in common it's like looking in a mirror....as he put it.

This was such a lovely meeting....we walked to one of my favourite places to have coffee in Dartmouth, Bayards Cove...sat and chatted for ages....then we realised they were waiting to close so we thought we had better go....had a short walk around town as all the shops had closed and headed for The Royal Castle for one last drink...well I imagined that it would be the last drink, but we were getting on so well we decided to share a meal together...
...mmmm I can't begin to tell you how nice that simple pleasure was ;)

"It's the little things that make life big!" :)

He is tall....grey and handsome ;) With a sweet smile....oh dear....I think I might be getting all mushy here ;)

We waved goodbye as I caught the ferry back....it could almost have been a black and white movie! LOL

Perhaps the real journey has only just started.........we have a date for Friday. :) :)
It seems we like each other in equal measure ;)

xoxo Sioux


  1. oh, how lovely!! He sounds really nice - hope Friday is lots of fun.

  2. I'm glad that you haven't given up!
    Dot x

  3. Sounds like the perfect date :) btw this online dating works... check out my hubby! we met online :)
    Hugs xxx

  4. Oh goodness, I could see the whole of the day unravel as the trip from Kingswear over to Dartmouth is one of my most favourite and Bayards Cove is one of the nicest to just sit and watch the boats and the world go by and wonder about all those folk that left from there to discover America. To then meet a tall handsome stranger must have been such a thrill. I have a really good feeling about this.

  5. I am sharing Joanne's good feelings about this Sioux :-)) I hung on your every word.. Have a good time on Friday xxxx

  6. What lovely news-how wonderful to find someone you love spending time with!! Have fun!

  7. Have a great time on Friday - sounds like a good'un! Chrisx


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