Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lets take a chance!

So about Saturday!
I'm sure you are dying to know!!! LOL
It had a faltering start as the time had to be altered as he had two viewings for his house sale that is ongoing....O.K. I thought, is this the start of another lot of excuses! LOL ;)

Any ways...we met...and funnily he approached someone who happened to have red hair who was in the vicinity (I was looking out over the harbour and had my back to him and also had my hat on so he did not know it was me!).

I think we got on.....only time and further meetings can confirm that though...I am not expecting an instant attraction (although the hopeless romantic in me keeps hoping) ;)
He says he is going to ring to arrange a dinner date!
Well that will be a first!!! ROFL

Or is that a euphemism for I like you but perhaps I don't like you that much but can't say so to your face and in reality I'll never ring you again ;)
Heavens it's tricky trying to find that special someone as you get older! LOL

I am still holding out for that needs to be nothing less!!!

The journey continues.
xoxo Sioux


  1. I hope he does ring - you are so brave doing this - I hope this one works out for you, I really do! Keep us posted....

  2. Hang on in there! Will he? Won't he? Hope so! Chrisxx

  3. Big hugs to you mate... keep us informed! Jo x

  4. I hope he calls.
    I wish i had the courage to think about dating.... but i think i'm now to old to find a special someone....i've been alone now nearly 7yrs, so very stuck in my ways and what would my little girls think?
    I wish you all the luck in the world... i have my fingers crossed for you. x

  5. ok...I have been following your dating exploits for awhile...and I have decided to give it a go - this weekend!
    I hope he has followed up wity a call????
    Dot x


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