Monday, 29 April 2013

Here we go again!!!

Would you believe it!
There's nowt so queer as guys on dating sites!!!
That guy I met the other Saturday?....well you guessed it....did not ring...and then stopped replying to messages.

I stopped it right then and made it clear I'm not the sort to chase after a man and neither was I one of those desperate women out there who wanted any man at any cost!!
Bye, bye sunshine!
I'm not standing any nonsense from now on!!! ROFL

I'm on a dating site 'cos I'd like to go on dates!!!!
In reality I'd like to meet the man of my dreams but at this rate it does not seem very likely!!!

xoxo Sioux


  1. You tell 'em Sioux!! Is this third time lucky maybe?!

  2. Good luck with this one, hope it works out.

  3. Am just catching up on blogs. Seems you are not having a lot of joy at the moment, still its fun trying, x

  4. I know why these worthless males are just that - worthless - they are giving you the time to contact RA as they know he is THE ONE - LOL

  5. You've definitely got to kiss a lot of frogs.....better luck next time Sioux! xxx

  6. oh NO!!!! keep on looking lol


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