Friday, 15 March 2013


When Joanne told me she had signed up for this on-line workshop by Andy Skinner I was intrigued by the title!
"Book of Ruination" ;)

It appealed to my senses...don't you just love that word "Ruination"! LOL
So I signed up for it too...
...will have to get some supplies tomorrow so that I can make a start ;)
The link HTML above was supposed to go on my side bar but unfortunately it does not display correctly as it is too big! I'm picky about the look of my blog so I'm leaving it off!

I'll be sharing something for The Artistic Stamper tomorrow...
...come back and visit me then :)

xoxo Sioux

P.S. Unfortunately it does not look like I shall be ruined any day soon!
But I keep on hoping!! ROFLIA ;) ;)

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