Wednesday, 6 February 2013

And this is me!

Ever since I started this old blog back in August 2008 I've had the digital image of me at the top of the page...

well I decided to have some fun and took some pictures of myself on all 167 on the auto know it detects a face and shoots!!!
Just to get barely 20 I was happy with!!! LOL

a) because I wanted a picture of the real me here.

b) I've joined the 21st century at last and gone on a contract for my mobile with a smartphone Yeh!...and need updated photo's for putting on stuff like What's App etc.

c) I'm rather happy that I've lost a bit more weight/toned up with Zumba, and feel confident enough to share myself! ROFL

The eagle eyed among you (that would definitely be Joanne ;))
Saw the initial photo on Monday /Tuesday....

but I've tinkered with it since then and feel it is more me now!!!!!!!!

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

P.S. I'm still perplexed as to how RA would be able to resist...
...should the opportunity arise!!!



  1. Very nice! I am sure he couldnt resist.

  2. You look great and I'm very impressed with your "tinkered" backround too!
    Lindsay x x x

  3. I shall miss the digital you though..but it is lovely to see the real you! Make room for RA - coming through...!! Can't believe I missed the earlier pic - just shows how little attention we pay to things around us!

  4. This is an amazing new photo and the background will make several of us swoon. I'm just glad you took a new one of yourself and didn't use the Christine Keeler one LOL......

  5. Bow chicka bow wow!!!! you look gorgeous honey. So glad you are sharing the real you and that your confidence is shining through. Big hugs Clare xxxx

  6. Wey Hey how lovely to see the real you, Sioux and what a beautiful photo.
    I love the background you've created too.
    You never know, one day I might be brave enough to show my face too...or maybe not!!
    Hugs Lisax

  7. How lovely to see the real you!! You look lovely and what a great background (I couldn't do anything like that even with all this technology).

    I will have to update my pic sometime as it is a couple of years old now and there are alot more wrinkles and a baggy chin!!

  8. Fabulous photo Sioux, and I'm sure he wouldn't resist :-) x

  9. Great photo! Love the tinkering - we all get to see RA now - you sure you don't mind sharing?? Chrisxx

  10. Just fab! I love it :-) Cheers, SanDee

  11. A great bit of tinkering, I wouldn't have a clue how to do something like that, you look fab! xxx

  12. your new profile photo looks great! Hugs Juls

  13. A bit of weight she says! Every time I see you, you are looking more gorgeous..XXXXX

    Oh, you'll never believe I'm off to my first Zumba lesson on Tues at the town hall! Not sure I shall be able to keep in time!!!!

    Sending big hugs your wayy.. btw it's snowing here!


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