Saturday, 26 January 2013

What's all the fuss about?

I have to say that I can't understand what the big who ha is about with the release of Ranger Distress Paints!!!
We have a home grown equivalent in Paperartsy Fresco Paints.
I don't have many colours but having had a play yesterday I find they do just what T!m says his "new" paints I'm afraid I am not going to jump on the band wagon and covet Rangers new release...there is no comparison because, if only for monetary terms, the Ranger paint is £4.99  for 1 oz and Paperartsy is £3.30  for 50 ml.....and 50ml compared to 1 oz is approx twice as much!!!!!!
British really can be best :)
xoxo Sioux 


  1. I must admit I did think they seemed to be very similar in properties. I am gathering quite a (large!) collection of Fresco's now and use them loads!!

  2. Especially if they are anything like the last lot of ranger dabblers which didn't dab and dried up. I won't be buying either.

  3. Nice to know they are similar in properties. I have two fresco colours and use them all the time. Although I love my adirondack shades, as someone has said the tops dry up and don't dab (except the gold one, never had problems with that)so I too prefer to have more paint and no fancy top!!

  4. What about the shades of colour though Sioux. Will the Fresco paint match up with distress inks. As a Ranger product, paint dabbers will be replaced by them if they prove to have a problem. folk just need to send a photo by email to Ranger Customer Services. I've done that twice with my distress stains that were green. All got replaced.

  5. they cost £3.50 on Country View Crafts....I think they're fab and find they work better that the paints you very dare me, I shall wash my mouth out!


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