Saturday, 12 January 2013

So what's his problem?

So the last time I saw that man was 29th December....we have texted, e-mailed and talked on the phone....but...and it's a BIG BUT....we have not met since then!!!
I am wondering what he is doing on a dating site if he does not have the time to actually date!!!
The clue is in the title "Dating" site. ROFL
I told him to just say if he was not interested, that I'm a big girl and can deal with it....but he says he really likes me.....said it more than once!
If you really like someone don't you usually try to make an effort?'s all part of the journey.
I believe he truly is a workaholic....I understand why he has to be....he is a nice guy but I'd rather like a man who wants to be with me.....once a week would be good for starters!!!
It's not too much to ask is it?
 xoxo Sioux

P.S. Thanks for the multi-dating warnings......believe me it's crossed my mind more than once.....this girl is no fool.....but...and it's a BIG BUT....I just don't believe he is the sort...nor has he the time to fit them in!!! ROFLIA :) Besides we are not an item ;) LOL


  1. No, not too much to ask for at all. Maybe what you should ask is how many other people he is "dating" as well??? Watch out for the players. Playing the devil's advocate here, but maybe is meeting a few people and then picking from them??? Some do that. Guys are a different breed I think lol. Just be careful that's all.

  2. Oh dear Hun...I've been reading your blog over the weeks as I've dabbled with internet dating too...I think as most ladies would say..I could write a book...but I have had good experiences from it should ask him if he is seeing others..and is he still active on the site? the previous blogger out for players...some men act like a kid in a sweet shop.
    good luck sweetie

  3. Hope that it's just a case of being too busy. Have a good week. :)

  4. As long as you still like him hang on in there! He may have big catch-ups after the Christmas break! Ask him out for a coffee date on neutral territory next week! Sorry Sioux, that's the best I can think of and what do I know? LOL, Hugs, Chrisx

  5. Oh I don't like this. Maybe he is frightened of his new feelings and doesn't know how to make the next move. Chris has a point so does crafting Queen. Whatever you decide to do next will be the right thing knowing you. Good luck. I wanted lots of smiles and kisses for you this year too.


  6. Agreeing with Chris & Joanne, Sioux hang in there girl, wishing you the best of luck this year for everything xxxxx

    HOPE YOU CAN GET BACK UP THIS WAYY..... sometime this year may...... be..... xxxxxx


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