Saturday, 17 November 2012

The winking gets worse!

Well the most odd people keep winking at me on that old matchmaker site, sadly none have been as debonair as David Niven was!! ;) Still, I'm keeping an open mind ;)

One of the recent winks was from a man who has never been married and is aged 52. I wonder why? Said in my most sarcastic voice ever! ROFLIA!!! his own words.....(this is what he does for fun!!!)

"i go on the laptop and enjoy going to my friends and looking after their pigoens"

You would think if he liked pigeons that much he would, at the very least, know how to spell it!!!

God help me!!! ;)
Needless to say I won't be getting in touch with that one! ROFL

On a much brighter note I got myself out in the real world tonight with my oldest chums and saw the Budapest Cafe Orchestra

appearing in our local theatre.
If you enjoy live music and appreciate good musicians then do try and catch them at a venue near you, it transported me to one of the best holidays ever  :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Hahahaha...what a winker! Have you made it clear on your profile that you only want them for their body...that should scare off most time wasters :D XXX

  2. Oh I agree with Gina, get them to show their 6 pack. Mind I can guess how many types of beer cans they'll post......

  3. Knowing you I suggest you ain't seen nothing until you see their Cava pack!

    Feeling out of touch with blogging big time but life is sooo full at the moment!

    See you soon!


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