Friday, 9 November 2012

Dreamboat Three

Just a quick post to say thanks to the gals at Dragons Dream for making me one of the Dreamboat Three this week!
It was for my temptation tag.....I really enjoyed making that one...wicked girl that I am! ROFLIA

I have added the button in my side bar and will wear it with pride.

Thanks again for the inspiration.....believe me these days it does not come easily to me...somebody shake me up in a sack!!! ROFL
xoxo Sioux

1 comment:

  1. Well that win was certainly well deserved. I love that skull and tried to buy the stamps yesterday but no-one had it. Well done Sioux and if you want some inspiration, have a go at ATCs again over at ATCs with Attitude and put GDT after your name when you enter.Go on, you know you want to really.....
    Hugs Joanne xx


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