Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Remember I told you about Gabriel's Inferno  ? ;)
Read it and loved it ;) Remember I could not find the sequel Gabriel's Rapture in the Kindle bookstore?
Well hurrah! It suddenly appeared so I had to have it LOL

It is not a Shades of Grey type book although there are some sexy episodes in it!!

I like it on both counts for that ;) So I've finished this and would recommend the series if you are on the lookout for a replacement to Mr Grey....Gabriel is also a caring, dishy, sexy, complex, vulnerable, but not so kinky guy who wears suits!!!

Aaah! I think I see where the fascination with Mr Grey Suit Guy might be coming from!!! ROFLIA :) :) :)

The good news is there is book 3 in the writing....you can count me in on that when it comes out :)
xoxo Sioux

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