Friday, 24 August 2012

Parade's End

My father instilled in me the abhorrence of  conflict and war.
That is what is at he heart of Parade's End.
But forget that...I love the BBC adaption of the novel...I love the cinematography...I love that I get to see Rufus Sewell again...he made me laugh..~OMG he is sexy!!....I love a man who can make me laugh!!!
I wait with bated breath for the next instalment ;)
xoxo Sioux
P.S.  I did not die in my sleep and yes I had liver again for supper..yum, yum, yun ;)


  1. Glad you are still with us and enjoyed your liver !! lol

  2. Liver always was a staple food just like a good laugh. Glad you are still around.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. PS I don't mean that a good laugh is staple food but a staple to life. Oh I wish my mind worked in a logical way.
    Hugs again xx


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