Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gabriel's Inferno

I've just finished Gabriel's Inferno  ;)

It is most definitely NOT a Fifty Shades of Grey rip off (quite frankly it could not be anyway as it was published before fsog). There is art history and Dante quotes throughout and of course I've just returned from my hols in Florence which adds to the romance between the two main characters. If you did not like the graphic nature of the sex scenes in fsog then this could be the book for you ;) There is a little sex action but you have to wait for it till the very end.....and that is not a bad thing!!! ROFL

What I can't understand is, that when I bought this on the Kindle only about 10 days ago, both this and the sequel Gabriel's Rapture was available....I did not buy the sequel at the time 'cos I wanted to make sure I liked this first! Now there is no sign of either book available on Kindle!!!
Can you understand that? I'm very new to the Kindle so do they take down titles willy nilly? Anyone know?

xoxo Sioux

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  1. Sounds strange about the title disappearing - but I'm still a "hold the book in my hand" gal (though with my lack of storage I should go Kindle....) hope you find the sequel...


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