Saturday, 4 August 2012

Florence 1st installment

One could spend a lifetime in Florence and still be in awe of the architecture and art.
I'll tell you now that I would not say no to returning one day :) :)

The journey there was a breeze and we caught the Terravision bus from Pisa airport to Florence which was an hours journey with fields of sunflowers smiling at us in the Tuscan sunshine :)

A brief and easy couple of minutes walk from the station got us to our hotel Corona D'Italia and would you believe it but if you click the link that is the exact room we stayed in!!! The bonus was that our room was ready even though we were quite early ;)
(I am still trying to find our what that plant is at the entrance...I desperately want one!! LOL)

Just across the street (you see it as you come out of the hotel door) was this fabulous fountain it was so old it does not bear thinking about.....and it still works!!!

We quickly unpacked and found a pizzeria close by for the first cooling beer of the holiday and lunch

(my friend expressed the happiness we all felt about that as it was!)
...then on for a walk around the surrounding area taking in the daily market stalls that were on the side street of our hotel.

Leather bags everywhere...

...fabulous hand made books in leather and Florentine papers...I bought both my journal books from this stall ;)

Within 10 minutes (even with the market crowds) we were in...

...where the Duomo is of course spectacular but also so large that you cannot possibly get a photo of it in all it's glory :(

Guess what? I found some manhole covers too...surprise, surprise!!

And just one of the many door knockers that abound all over the city....sigh...sigh..sigh!! LOL ;)

There will be more of those in future posts ;)
Hey...even the lollies are designer!

I can't help but think that in the U.K. we would be made to have a paper wrapper on them and what a crying shame that would be!

Thanks for looking.
xoxo Sioux

P.S. It's my first project of the month for the Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog 2nd anniversary celebration might not want to miss it...there is candy give away involved ;~)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Ooh, lovely photos - looks very tempting and of all the places in Italy, Fiorenza has to be the place to be... hearing the language would woo me, I think, he, he - such a sexy, soulful language - and I'm a confirmed Francophile!

  2. Oohh, beautiful photographs. Those lollies looked FAB.. no pun intended!

  3. Wonderful photos Sioux! We were there about this time last year! Sigh... Looking forward to the next installment
    Alison xox


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