Friday, 17 August 2012

Dante Alighieri

On another of our wanderings around the wonderful maze of narrow streets in Florence we had a Dante enriched afternoon.
His likeness in stone outside the Uffizi... we walked to the Casa de Dante (museum)...

...there were a number of small piazza to explore... atmospheric...

...gorgeous iron work still hangs on the walls where street lights would have been can  really imagine being back in 1290 at times in Florence....if you ignore all the people, scooters and cars around you!!

The very small church Santa Margherita de' Cerchi where Beatrice worshipped and is buried (in 1290 no less)

and lovely cafe just round the corner

Speaking of Dante.....I am at the minute reading another fab book, Gabriel's Inferno, that has allusions regarding the relationship between Dante and Beatrice ....if you follow the link I've stood where Dante is standing in the painting....sigh! 

And this is the Ponte Vecchio from that very spot.

(the book sounds a bit high brow I know but believe me it is an easy read)....

...I thought that it was going to be another "Shades of Grey" type book.....which it still might be for all I know....but I am only half way through (it's quite a long book) up to chapter 18 and so far the characters of Gabriel (Dante) and Julia (Beatrice) have shared nothing more than a couple of admittedly very passionate kisses and a couple of chaste nights sharing the same they have managed that one I really don't know!!!

'Cos I'm pretty much willing them to get on with it!!! But seeing as there is a sequel I might have a long wait!! ROFL

I'm just hoping the writer is going to ignore the fact that in reality Dante and Beatrice never got it on...well, not that anyone can really prove that one!!! ;) is much more than a sex romp book and I'm loving it.

This is the link to the paperback edition....although it's only just after I returned from Florence that I bought this on my Kindle I cannot find a link any more! Sorry.

Thanks for looking..........

One more picture :)....we ended the day like every day with a bottle of Prossecco ;)

xoxo Sioux


  1. Loving your photos! I always think how clean and litter free foreign cities are - wish we could do that here, so often when you go anywhere in England the streets are filthy. Hope your book hots up too!!!

  2. Great photos, looks like a really nice place to visit. Thanks for your lovley wishes. Hugs anesha

  3. dreaming I'm back in florence again, looking at your wonderful photos Sioux! 2 days just wasn't enough! x


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