Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A man drawing!

This holiday weekend, I freely admit, has highlighted the fact that I am far from being as emotionally tough as I thought I was!
It hits you smack in the face when you least expect it...and I thought I would be so productive art wise but I am not getting the vibe at all right now!
I even found it difficult to make my brain work yesterday and decide what planters to plant up with what plants ready for my party!

Having said that......hang on to your hat 'cos I don't share my drawing skills (or lack of them to be precise) here very often.

Now don't titter at the back 'cos apart from a half hearted attempt at drawing Pip many moons ago.....and he actually hated it so it put me off trying again...this is my second attempt at a male face!

I love looking at what Gina and Chris have been doing with faces recently....and I have been inspired to have a go at drawing a man's face having visited Gina today...and saw the link to Ayala and her create June Guys!
...thanks you all rock;)

So......I used my favourite guy as inspiration and although the drawing looks nothing like RA....I tell you what.....if he was to jump off the page and spring into life just like in the Ah Ha video....well I for one would not say no!!

Some days you can surprise yourself and today was one of those days ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. I knew straight away who it was - is. Oh I so hope you get a little surprise visit from RA one day. Not for the lack of of wishing eh??
    Hugs Joanne xx

    I want to move my holiday forward so I can come to your garden party. tomorrow's challenge me thinks. xx

  2. Well it didn't take much work on my part to recognise him! Wonderful 2nd attempt at a male face :D...I'm going for Damon from Vampire diaries next...those eyes *shudders* :D XXX

  3. Amazing Sioux! You've captured some strong features. I'm now going to bed huming a certain song!! :o))

  4. Wow! That's proper drawing! Hope you show us more, Chrisx

  5. He turned out great! Thanks for joining the challenge! Awesome guy!


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