Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bra's and black leather!!!!

I was bored out of my brains yesterday!! LOL
Unfortunately that usually means I get in my car and drive to the shops...and that is a bad idea as it always costs me money! ;)
I spent most of the afternoon in M and S 'cos I was waiting for my bra fitting appointment.
It was the best freebie I have had in a long time from M and S and I now have some gorgeous stuff that fits and actually makes me feel sexy!!

Why that matters I know not why... seeing as I no longer have a man around the house...nor a prospect of any on the horizon seeing as RA has yet...said if he can make it to my garden party!! ROFL ;)

I am looking forward to the Jubilee concert tomorrow are you?

...I am very partial to live music and remember the golden jubilee concert with affection....the only sad thing about the whole jubilee thing is that it reminds me of the silver jubilee 'cos me and Pip were married in that glorious year of memorable events.

Hey! Lets not be miserable's a time to for the day...and perhaps that knight in shining armour (or black leather!) may still turn up on my doorstep.


I'm off to listen to some 70's music on the BBC now.
God bless Donna Summer and Robin Gibb rip.
xoxo Sioux


  1. cor you fair cheered me up Sioux... sorry about RA though, he is coming round my house to erm... help me tidy the Room of Stash lol xx

  2. And there's me thinking you had turned into a Moll and driven off on a motorbike.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. I think the concert will be great - and the river pageant was great too, if a little wet!


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