Friday, 11 May 2012

A trip to Settle

On the second trip friend and I went to Settle.

We browsed the shops.....well you have to don't you?

I got some new ferrules for my walking poles.
We had lunch in the Old Naked Man Cafe ...
...only I could manage to find myself in a cafe with a name like that! ROFL
...and went to Watershed mill.
Then on the way home with some beautiful scenery on the way.......

.......we had to call in that deli again in Clitheroe.
I fell in love with the atmospheric square and the deli "Cheesie Tchaikovsky".....I so wish it was in our town....
...I know we have a deli but is not quite as nice nor quite as cheap!!! LOL
Cue picture of me in said square...

...(don't expect pictures of me all the time on this old blog!)

A night out to the local Wetherspoons followed as I was curious to see how they had renovated the building...I learnt to type there when I was 12/13 my dad paid for the lessons 'cos I kept badgering him and it was touch and go if they would let me on the course A) because of my age and B) the fact that it was held above the pub and I had to walk through it to get upstairs!!!

...and what a grand job they have done....even the toilets are top class!

We had steak 'cos it was steak night ;) LOL

The following day I met up with Gez and Joanne for a crafty shopping day out...not forgetting the coffee and cake at Starbucks....mmmmm scrummy :)
And what do you know? I was having such a great time I forgot to take pictures again!!!
Thanks girls for a great day and here is my crafty stash from the whole holiday...
...don't think I went over the top do you?

After dropping Gez home I went to visit my aunty again....and you can never leave without her making sure you take some of the goodies she has been I was thrilled that she had made me this bracelet....

....believe it or not it is made from safety pins and looks very stylish and I love it.
I was also given some aprons that have been on the production line too! :) Good old aunty!

Tomorrow I'm sharing a piece for The Artistic Stamper so come back then and my holiday tales will continue on Sunday.
xoxo Sioux


  1. What a great bracelet! - very funky! Looking forward to see what other whacky pub/cafe names you find...

  2. Nice goodies to play with there! Love the bracelet too.

  3. Aah! Settle, we were there the other weekend, another lovely place, we usually go to Poppies. Looks as though you had a great crafty day too! Chrisx

  4. another wonderful jaunt coupled with interesting tales and photos. Your amazing aunty should go into business with that bracelet, it's as amazing as she is.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  5. I have been meaning to leave a comment for a few days. Pip would be so proud of you, the way you are living your life and adapting so well. Good for you. You know I am impressed.

  6. We always bypass Settle on our way to The Lake District so haven't been into the town for years. We must make a detour next time.
    You were very restrained with your shopping and I love your bracelet, craftiness must run in the family!!!!!
    Have a great weekend
    Hugs Lisax

  7. Great post Sioux. Love your bracelet, what a clever Aunt!

    I hope your stencils are in need of a clean by now :-)

    Hugs, Gez xx


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