Sunday, 20 May 2012

Risque Innuendo and Double Entendre!

You may have noticed by now that my sense of humour veers to the risque innuendo and double entendre!
I have for the first time since Pip died watched a bit of cricket and more importantly listened to TMS...
...that's Test Match Special on radio 5 for the non cricket followers out there! ;)
It was a big give, along with ABBA, also runs through my life (heck even my wedding reception was held at a cricket club!!)...
...and I had almost forgotten how much I love the banter of it :) imagine my joy when I heard one of those classic cricket innuendo's in this first test match against the Windies (West Indies)  ;)
It was on the lines of the bowler rubbing his hands on the batters crease!!!

I was convinced the first test would be over way before the end of the 5 days! But the Windies or should I say Shivnarine Chanderpaul did a bit of a Boycott grind (occupy the crease) and managed to steer the test into the final fifth day ;)
Thanks for reading this....perhaps,.....unintelligible post...
...I promise not to turn this into a cricket blog!!! LOL

P.S. OMG!!!  WTH! (That's...........what the heck! ;) ) Struass was out for 1 in the second innings!!! And...and!!....Anderson was then out for 6!!!! WTH are they doing?
xoxo Sioux

P.P.S. Whilst I was listening to the cricket throughout the day....I did do a bit of crafting and covered a box that was far too good to throw away with some K and Co scrapbook papers that until now have been a mental block in using!!! What I will store in it is beside the point ;)

See you on Tuesday for a little something for The Artistic Stamper ;)


  1. I love listening to TMS too.. the batsman's Holding.... etc! Love what you've been up to. (I have been having trouble viewing pictures on blogs the last couple of days, they appear as blank or stripes - till you click on them... very odd!!) Anyhow, enjoy the cricket... won't be able to follow it properly tomorrow at work!

  2. Ooer missus! I used to be trusted to run down to the cricket fans on the nursery where my Dad worked with the latest scores until transistor radios were commonplace! Also spent many a Sunday afternoon at the village cricket matches, still haven't been to Old Trafford but hope to remedy that this year! Love your box and now know how I can use up some of my old paper! Sorry,, Chrisx

  3. Whilst you were listening to the cricket, there was I waving like mad to you from Dartmouth, shedding a few tears on seeing Totnes and following the Olympic torch for at least 3 hours this morning. Not a cricket fan myself but I do love athletics.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. Yep, watching cricket right now...blimmin hell! Like the box and love that you've no particular use for it, kinda takes the pressure off, huh!

  5. There are some priceless things that have been said by cricket commentators. Usually all to do with balls, rubbing or creases. There is one that always creases me up (see I told you so...creases) but I can't quite remember how it goes. I do remember the commentator tries to correct himself only to make it worse. Does this ring any bells...or should I say balls ...with you!

    Can't have enough boxes!

  6. Don't think they'll ever top "the batsman's Holding, the Bowler's Willie." PMSL every time I hear it lol :D XXX

  7. Well I can't profess to love cricket commentary as you do but I do love what you did with your box sweetie... tis really lovely x
    Chris xx

  8. I always used to listen to the World Test series late at night on the World Service station and imagine I was in the Windies!.. DH used to play cricket up at Accy cricket club, oh, the joys of getting his whites white!!


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