Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's A Kind Of Magic

Bet you wondered where I was seeing as it's Eurovision tonight :)
Well I have had other things on my mind this week so this is the first time on line for a while...
..the good news is that my re-mortgage offer popped through the door today..yes...Yes...YES!!!
It seems to be just as we expected but I really need to read it through properly first.

Even my fabulous mortgage adviser texted me to say Hurrah!!! The mortgage company have certainly not made it easy!
(I am sure I must owe him something extra for all the extra work involved but how do I top that shadow box?)

So here we go for the best time of the year....
I am backing Sweden but then when I found out nearly everyone else liked it too it seemed a waste of money to back anything else for the fun of it and there is no point in wasting money on Sweden either as the odds are very short!!!
So just for the fun of it...... 'cos it is a lot of fun no matter what the knockers's Sweden for me....such a spine chilling song.

Bless Englebert he is first best of luck...he was a great fav of mine back in the day ;)
So I am on the fizz for the rest of the night.....happy days :)

xoxo Sioux


  1. You must be relived to get it. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

  2. Oh! Congratulations Sioux. That's FABULOUS news :o)) what a relief.. I think you def need to invite him out for a drink to say thanks ;-)

    Have a lovely Sunday.xxxx

    I'm off to craft with Hels in the morning SO wish you were coming too!!


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