Thursday, 10 May 2012

The day we went to Downham

On the first day of my hols up North my friend Jacquie took me to a little village called Downham.

It was the setting for the TV series Born and Bred that has just finished being re-run on ITV3 and which I really enjoyed watching.
This is the house that doubles as the doctors surgery

This is the lovely church

There is usually a crowd of ducks in the stream but after a cull there appears to be only one male and one female left.....still....I am sure they will do what comes naturally and shortly there will be a crowd again!! LOL

A beautiful day in the Pennines with Pendle Hill (famous for the witches) in the background.

I had planned to have my picture taken sitting on the steps of the village cross that is outside the village pub but oh my!!! It turns out the village cross is only a prop in the show!!!
Plan B.......have my picture taken sat outside the village pub!!!

(I'm going to get myself a bit of a reputation in a minute if I'm not careful!! ROFL)

We then went to Clitheroe and had lunch and planned to walk up to the castle but we were running out of time.....and we needed to go to the deli that Jacquie uses to take some cake home for her husband for tea :)

We called in a garden centre on the way back and had our cake there ;)
I could not help myself and had to buy this Hibiscus that I hope can survive in my garden!

After tea we walked to a local pub (oh dear there goes that reputation again! LOL) as I had arranged for a crowd of old friends and relations to gather and we had a fabulous fabulous that I completely forgot to take any pictures!!!
I'll share where we went on the second day tomorrow ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Great pics, lovely to see you!! I used to enjoy Born & Bred... did see bits of some of the re-runs recently too.

  2. It looks like you are having a lovely time!

  3. This is why I so enjoy it when you go away.......the wonderful descriptions coupled with amazing photos.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. It's a lovely part of the world isn't it, Sioux and you had amazing weather too by the looks of things.
    I love Born and Bred and although the village isn't far from here, we've never been, will have to put that right!!!
    Can't wait to see more.
    Hugs Lisax

  5. Lovely day out, didn't know that Born and Bred was made so close to Clitheroe, one of my favourite places!
    Hope your hibiscus is happy in it's new home, Chrisxx

  6. Lovely photos, looks like a lovely place to visit. Your hibiscus should be fine if it's one to be outside. We had one in Holland and that was fine in the winter. Have a lovely day. :)

  7. Fab photos of your away break.I wish I had known Born & Bred had been showing again, I loved that series!

  8. Sioux you look right at home sat on that there wall outside the pub!

    Don't leave it too long! (((hugs)))


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