Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A celebration of life

Two years on from Pip's death and recently I have realised that there is a life to be had if I grab the chances ;)
I shared Sunday with two of my friends and we had a rare old time as it was also Pirate day in Brixham ;)

We started out at 10.30 a.m. and walked to town to have coffee in a fabby little coffee shop that has just opened called Millie and Me.
Then we went round to the harbour where all the action was and sang some sea shanties with these guys (warning....not up to Steven Spielberg standard LOL)

and marvelled at all the effort people had made with their costumes...

People demonstrating cannon fire!!!

....we have vowed to join in the fun next year and dress up!

We then walked to the Berry Head Hotel for a lazy lunch and it seems like we have started a bit of a tradition because last year we had moules frites

and we did the same again this year ;)

A couple of bottles of wine later...

we walked back into town via the beach and harbour walkway and stopped off at the Prince William  for a couple more bottles of wine to enjoy the afternoon and early evening sun....by this time we had got a bit...well....tipsy and we all thought it was a good idea to have a meal in the Chinese up in the square near where we all live ;)
So off we walked back home.
It was a lovely meal but I'm afraid we did not do it justice as there was far too much food for us to finish.....if you are ever in Brixham do try the Chinese in St. Mary's Square as the banquet for 3 has enough food for 6.....Peter the owner looked after us and the bill was only £22 each and that included more wine and beer!!!
It was a lovely end to a perfect day and we all made it safely home.....I fell asleep on the sofa as soon as I sat down at about 9.45 and did not wake up till about 1.30...it was a struggle to get myself to bed LOL!!! :)

I think we celebrated Pip's life to the full don't you? ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Thinking of you Sue and yes, I do think that Pip's life should be celebrated and I am sure that he would have wanted you to continue your life and enjoy as much as you can... you have shown such strength and courage hun... and I am sending you a big old hug... lotsa love xx

  2. Love the video of the pirates - as you say, not quite Hollywood standard but.... can't wait to see you dressed up next year...
    Well done for celebrating Pip's life, I agree with Hels', he would support you. Hugs.

  3. That was the best celebration ever and just goes to show your new strength and the love you have for Pip. I'm sure we've been in Brixham when it was pirate day. I so love that town and the tour round the boat is amazing. Must try the coffee shop on my next trip. Was amazed and delighted at the sight of your gorgeous tulips also.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. Beautiful, beautiful post :D Personally, I think you did him proud! :D XXX

  5. Pirate's Day, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing your day with us.xx

    Hels has said it all. I was tremendously proud to see how well you were looking last Tuesday. Pip will always be with you in spirit and when you are happy he will be too.

    Sending you lots of hugs and squishes, can't wait to show the boys when they get in from school. Tom got a pirate's ship last Christmas, next time I walk the plank I shall see our game in a whole new light.. but what about the poor Captain's daughter!! ;-)

  6. Big, big hugs to you hun. A loved one's life should always be celebrated. Pip would be so proud, Jo x

  7. oh gosh Hun,sounds like you celebrated Pips,anniversary to the full,he would support you to the full,sure of,that oh I remember going to Brixham,and I just loved it,that brought back some wonderful memories,Hun,love hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  8. Glad you had a jolly day out, There is nothing better than getting out and living your life to celebrate the memory of a loved one, it's what Pip would of wanted im sure xx Sending hugs x

  9. Sounds like fun was had by all falling asleep on the settee though bad girl ha ha it's such a pull to get up and go to bed. Dawn xx

  10. What a great video sounds like you had a great day - Pip would be so proud of you and all your achievements....hugz xx

  11. What a great way to celebrate your Pip's life! Pip would be proud of you I'm sure....and next year - in your pirate outfit! Oh!and surely falling asleep on the settee is the best end to a good day out! Hugs, Chrisxx

  12. A beautiful post...hugs trace x

  13. It sounds a wonderful day, Sioux and the best way of celebrating. He would not want you hiding away!!
    You are such a brave lady and I salute you.
    Take care
    Hugs Lisax


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